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Welcome to the PBA website

Browse our pages and learn more about who we are as an association and as an American Baptist region.  Did you know that PBA is the oldest continuous Baptist association in the United States and Puerto Rico?  Check out our history of PBA and learn more about our American Baptist heritage. Do you know the geographical area of our region and number of congregations that make up our membership body?  What do you know about PBA’s organizational structure and how this knowledge can encourage you to participate in new ways?

As you browse this website, we hope that you will pay attention to the wonderful ministries and resources that are available to you for mission and ministry.  May you also experience a sense of belonging to a region that is rich in diversity, passionate for mission and ministry, and committed to strengthening the American Baptist witness locally, nationally and internationally.

We encourage congregations seeking to be part of a dynamic network of missional-minded American Baptists to consider joining our association.  Browse Membership Info  and How to Participate to learn more about PBA membership and how to become a member.