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2019 Clergy Missiological Conversation

2019 Clergy Missiological Conversation

Clergy Missiological Conversation – April 12th

 “Neighborhood Gentrification: The Impact on City and Suburbs”

 You are invited…

 April 12, 2019 PBA Clergy Missiological Conversation

Register thru this link for the first annual clergy conversation.

This second annual clergy conversation is sponsored by the Philadelphia Baptist Association (PBA) and the PBA Ministers Council.  Clergy and church leaders are invited to join the first annual Clergy Missiological conversation about what we do, why we do it and how it’s done (mission) in the name of Jesus Christ.

Date: April 12, 2019 – 8:30AM

Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Location: Esperanza

4261 North 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140

Cost:  $45.00

(Pre-Registration deadline: April 5th)

Our opening speaker is the Rev. Dr. Luis Cortes, Founder, President and CEO of Esperanza.  He will be addressing conscious raising on the national and international phenomenon of gentrification of neighborhoods (e.g. root causes, patterns, concentration of wealth, relocation of the poor, impact on city and suburbs, etc.)

We will have two panels to help us investigate our concern on the day’s topic.


Mr. Martin Paul Trimble – Mr. Trimble is the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)/Metro IAF Supervising Organizer for Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and Montgomery Co, MD. Martin Trimble also leads IAF’s Earned Income Strategies, creating social ventures to generate revenue to support IAF organizing.

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode – is the President and CEO of Amachi, Incorporated, a nationally acclaimed faith-based program for mentoring children of incarcerated parents; Chairman and CEO of Self, Incorporated – a nonprofit corporation dedicated to serving more than 600 homeless men and women, and Chairman of the Philadelphia Leadership Foundation.

Community Panel:  Addressing advocacy and success stories on what to do about gentrification and a response by government officials/City Council:

Rev. William Moore – Pastor, Tenth Memorial Baptist Church

Philadelphia City Council members (TBA)

Key Features of our Annual Missiolgical Conversations

  • The focus of our conversation is helping our clergy and congregations to understand what it means to be a faithful presence in the broken places in our society/world
  • The PBA Ministers Council will serve as conveners (host) of the Annual Conversations with the help of a steering committee of PBA Clergy
  • PBA pastors/clergy have direct input in the direction, design, and implementation of the annual event
  • PBA pastors/clergy are to be invited to serve as presenters of the strategies and/or mission models to be employed on the specific topics addressed
  • The conversations will promote networking and mutual support for clergy across the region, leading missional congregations
  • Keynote speakers (local or national) and/or panels will be invited to set the tone for the conversations at the annual event
  • Networking is promoted among the clergy to implement (make operational) the learnings garnered from the conversations. The conversations are not focused on controlling outcomes
  • We will employ the Mission Summit model utilized/adapted by ABCUSA (Mission Summit) and the PBA (Annual Mission Café)
  • Congregational leaders who are not a part of the PBA are invited to attend the annual event
  • The themes for our conversations will include important and current controversial issues in our society which are to be presented in a dialogical format that is not to be understood as policy statements of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, but rather an opportunity for our clergy to understand the differences of perspective that they (our congregations) may hold.