Through International Ministries’ World Mission Offering (WMO), every September and October thousands across the country celebrate and give financial support to ministries that God is using to transform the world. 

For more than two hundred years, International Ministries (also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society), has combined resilience, adaptability, and creative approaches to cross-cultural ministry with faithfulness to Scripture. We serve together with and learn from our many local partners in ministry around the globe.

During the 2022 World Mission Offering, you can learn more about the work Global Servants Katherine & Wayne Niles and Kathy & Tim Rice do to provide health care, clean water, administration, and more in mission hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  You can also see the impact of the ministries of Global Servants J.D. & Rhonda Reed and Sarah Matos, as they work alongside local partners and fellow global servants to offer medical clinics in Bolivia and to lead the Master of Theological Studies program that is preparing Christian leaders throughout Iberoamerica.

These stories offer a glimpse into what God is doing through International Ministries’ 120+ global servants, volunteers, home staff, and 250+ international partners in 70 countries. 

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