PBA is inviting you to join in God’s Mission

The PBA is proud to support one of our pastors in a new role with International Ministries (IM). Rev. Dr. Rodney Ragwan is a bi-vocational pastor of the North Wales Baptist church.  His work with IM can be supported through the Validated Regional Ministry of the Philadelphia Baptist Association.

In his role as Global Consultant for Theological Education, Rodney will work with IM staff, global servants, and international partners to promote contextually relevant theological education around the world.  Rodney’s work will include curriculum development, lectures, and workshops.  In these areas of his ministry, he will work closely with theological institutions and Bible Colleges of IM partners to offer their students/pastors a theological framework that will help them to respond to their own contextual issues.  His lived experience In South Africa and teaching students from all over the world will enhance this ministry in theological education in various parts of the world.

His academic training in South Africa and the US will bring a rich perspective to theological education overseas.

Here are three of several ministries that Rodney will be serving in globally:

Introducing the Korean Baptist Churches of the Republic of Korea (KBCROK) – Pastoral Leadership Continuing Education Development Program

Join Rodney and esteemed collaborators from Palmer Theological Seminary and International Ministries for a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering pastors within their own contexts. Rodney’s involvement in the program’s planning, alongside Dr. David Yu, ensures a dynamic learning experience tailored to the needs of KBROCK. Get ready to embark on a journey of growth and enrichment in pastoral leadership!

Explore the Legacy of Faith at the John Rangiah Memorial Ministry Conference (JRMMC)

Experience the rich tapestry of theological education in the honoring of the legacy of John Rangiah, whose journey of faith ignited a mission in South Africa. Rangiah came to Christ as the result of American Baptist Missionary work in India in the 1800s. In 1903 Rangiah left India as a missionary to serve in South Africa and established the Baptist Association of South Africa. Held biennially, JRMMC offers pastors and laity a platform to deepen their ministry practice. Open to American leaders as well, it’s a unique opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

Embrace the Telugu Baptist Samaikyatha (Spirit of Unity and Equality)

Join Rodney and Dr. David Sagar on a mission to promote theological education among rural pastors in Kurnool, India. Through carefully crafted lectures translated into Telugu, we’re breaking barriers and ensuring every pastor has access to the resources they need to flourish in their ministry.

World Class

Rodney will invite pastors and leaders from different parts of the world to engage each other via zoom. He will cover topics such as basic theology, community focused ministry, women in ministry, etc. US pastors will be invited as guests to engage with these international attendees.

Rodney is inviting you to be on his support team in these transformative opportunities! Enrich your ministry, broaden your horizons, and connect with a global community of faith leaders. Together, let’s ignite a new era of empowered leadership!

How can you be part of what will be doing around the world:

  1. Pray – that God will use Rodney as he works alongside partners and engages with diverse audiences in discipling pastors and laity. Place his name on your church prayer list.
  2. Share your financial resources – Make mission giving to International Ministries for Rodney’s support part of your church budget. To support Rodney put his name on the ABCUSA remittance form and send a check made payable to the Philadelphia Baptist Association.
  3. Invite Rodney to your Church, mission group, Sunday School Class, mission conference to promote awareness of what God is doing around the world in transforming leadership through contextual theological education. His email address is rragwan@internationalministries.org

More information about Rodney’s new ministry may be found on the IM website – https://internationalministries.org/author/rodney-ragwan/