The PBA is proud to support one of our pastors in a new role with International Ministries (IM) . Rev. Dr. Rodney Ragwan is the pastor of the North Wales Baptist church.  His work with IM can be supported through the Validated Regional Ministry of the Philadelphia Baptist Association.

In his role as Global Consultant for Theological Education, Rodney will work with IM staff, global servants, and international partners to promote contextually relevant theological education around the world.  Rodney’s work will include curriculum development, lectures, and workshops.  In these areas of his ministry, he will work closely with theological institutions and Bible Colleges of IM partners to offer their students/pastors a theological framework that will help them to respond to their own contextual issues.  His lived experience and teaching students from all over the world will enhance this ministry in theological education in various parts of the world.

Additionally, given Rodney’s academic degrees in Marriage and Family and in Church History, he will offer lectures and resources from a family systems perspective.  This will help students/pastors to examine patterns in their personal lives and move towards wholesome living as they do ministry.  Often, theological education in missiology is shaped from a perspective that does not include people of color.  Rodney hopes to include his experience of being a “mission field’ to now becoming a mission force in the missionary enterprise.  His academic training in South Africa and the US will bring a rich perspective to theological education overseas.

To support Rev. Ragwan put his name on the ABCUSA remittance form and send a check made payable to the Philadelphia Baptist Association.

More information about Rodney’s new ministry may be found on the IM website.