COVID-19 Resources

The PBA has gathered the resources here to help churches and ​communities adapt to the changing needs during this pandemic.

PBA Annual Meeting Workshop:  Returning to our Buildings, Ministries, and Communities – A panel of church leaders share their perspectives and engage in dialogue (5-1-21)

YouTube video of Workshop

Covid-19 Update Conversation – Vaccines with Commissioner Farley (2-9-21)

YouTube video of Conversation

Covid-19 Update Conversation with Commissioner Farley (11/10/20)

YouTube video of Conversation

Covid-19 Advocacy Conversation with Hughes and Farley

YouTube video of conversation

Studies, Reports, News Articles, Testing, Contact Tracing & Isolation, USA-Federal, PA and Philadelphia

COVID-19 Has Unmasked Significant Health Disparities in the U.S.

How low wage work, work conditions and existing health and income disparities contributed toinequity in COVID-19 prevalence and mortality

Massive US Contact Tracing Effort of Critical Importance

A National Plan to Enable Comprehensive COVID-19 Care…

American College of Physicians is closely monitoring the global situation caused by the outbreak and spread of COVID-19

Here’s a link that will help you connect with civic leaders.  Let them know of your concerns.

Statements from the PBA Board of Directors

Church Reopening Resources

COVID 19 Devotional Messages  from the Regional Executive Pastor

 Domestic Abuse Resources

Public Health Guidelines

Mental and Behavioral Health Services



Worship and Service Planning

​Prayers and Litanies

Public Witness and Advocacy

​Church Finances

​Pastoral Care

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