American Baptist Churches USA

PBA is proud to serve in ministry with The American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA).  ABCUSA is comprised of 33 regions with a total of 5400 congregations across the United States and Puerto Rico.  Today, ABCUSA is counted as one the most racially and culturally diverse among Protestant denominations.

ABCUSA congregations are healthy missional churches that seek to nurture devoted disciples of Jesus Christ for mission and ministry in a world that needs the healing of Christ.  Led by the Gospel mandate and the Holy Spirit, American Baptists promote healing and change for institutions across the nation and for society as a whole.  ABCUSA’s tradition of social outreach and ministry dates back to its concern for the enfranchisement and education of freedmen following the Civil War, support and advocacy of the Civil Rights Movement, empowerment of women in church and society, ecological responsibility, and the pursuit of justice.

Since 1962, ABCUSA’s Mission offices located in Valley Forge, PA. They serve as  major sites for ongoing planning of domestic and overseas missions and for the production of resources designed to assist and support local churches and their ministries.  Today, hundreds of ABCUSA national and international missionaries serve in partnership with American Baptist congregations and others in a variety of ministries designed to improve the spiritual, physical and social conditions in the U.S. and other countries.

ABCUSA remains actively engaged in ecumenical ministry, both locally and in ministerial bodies such as the National Council of Churches of Christ, World Council of Churches and Baptist World Alliance.  Today, American Baptists stand strong among the 43,000,000 baptized members worldwide within a global community of more than 100,000,000 people and 160,000 churches sharing in God’s ministry together.

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