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PBA Minister’s Council Special Luncheon September 18, 2019

PBA Minister’s Council Special Luncheon September 18, 2019

“PBA Passing the Torch” An Inter-generational Conversation

On Wednesday, September 18th 32 PBA clergy from 26 churches joined together in conversation and celebration at the “PBA Passing the Torch An Intergenerational Conversation’ held at the Drexelbrook Catering and Events Center. The event was co-sponsored by MMBB.

The event served to celebrate the Rev. Dr. Jacob L. Chatman, recently retired from the Pinn Memorial Baptist Church, for his extraordinary commitment to the cause of Christ and to the American Baptist Churches USA. He is “passing the torch” to those who remain committed to the American Baptist witness in Metro-Philadelphia.

The event featured several speakers representing different generations addressing intergenerational clergy relationships. They included:

  • The Rev. Dr. Derick Brennan: Pastor, Canaan Baptist Church; Former Treasurer, ABC Metro New York
  • The Rev. Dr. Clifford I. Johnson: Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church of Wilmington; President of the Board, American Baptist Home Mission Societies; Board of Directors, Minister & Missionary Benefit Board; Former PBA Moderator
  • The Rev. Cedric Hughes Jones: Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist of Philadelphia; Executive Committee, ABCUSA (Office of the General Secretary); PBA Board of Directors
  • The Rev. Courtny Davis Olds: Associate Minister, Second Baptist Church of Germantown; Interim Pastor, Lansdowne Baptist; Adjunct Professor, Palmer Theological Seminary; Associate Director of Mission Design, American Baptist International Ministries; PHD Candidate
  • The Rev. Dr. James A. Pollard, Sr.: Pastor, Zion Baptist Church of Ardmore; PBA Board of Directors; ABCUSA General Board; Executive Committee, Board of International Ministries

After a delicious lunch the group brainstormed ideas on how we might gather in the future and how might we get started. Some suggestions were:

  • Weekly prayer call or regularly scheduled call for clergy conversations
  • Webinars on inter-generational ministry issues
  • Engage clergy who work full time by holding late afternoon or evening meetings
  • Hold PBA events intentionally matching older and younger people to specifically discuss ideas
  • Create intentional PBA clergy mentorships
  • Need a common goal – a project that engages people
  • Create playtime – enjoying recreation together
  • As part of the ordination process, have candidates interview and dialogue with established pastors
  • When new pastors come to PBA link them with a “sponsor” who is a seasoned pastor
  • Build connections across inter-generational lines through participation in mission projects