Board of Directors

Save the date for PBA Annual MeetingThe Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Baptist Association (PBA) is comprised of women and men, clergy and layperson alike.  The Board is a group of committed persons from different backgrounds with varying gifts, interests, and expertise who have joined together to provide support, leadership, and counsel to the association. Each person, gifted in their own right and representing member congregations, pool their resources to help undergird, strengthen, and support the work of PBA. We are thankful, particularly to Reverend Dr. James McJunkin, Regional Executive Pastor, and his staff as they work tirelessly to ensure that the work and mission of PBA is carried out effectively from day to day, month to month, and year to year.

During their meeting on December 2, 2014 the Board of Directors adapted the follow statement to reaffirm our commitment to Baptist principles and our historic principles of Association:


As the oldest Baptist association in America and given the rich diversity of theological perspectives in our member congregations, the Philadelphia Baptist Association has historically respected the principles of local church autonomy and soul liberty.  We are respectful of these Baptist distinctives and we are supportive of all of our congregations in the promotion of mission in ABCUSA.  Our staff is required to be supportive of congregational vitality and Baptist witnes in all of our member congregations.  We purposefully practice the autonomy of the local church in matters of conscience.  Each local church is self-governing and determines its own course of action for the furthering of God’s kingdom as understood and interpreted by the individual local congregation in its specific context.