Judson Press

PBA is proud to serve in ministry with Judson Press (JP), the publishing ministry of American Baptist Churches.

As part of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, JP seeks to provide Christ-centered leadership resources for the transformation of persons, congregations, communities and cultures. Its backlist of 350 titles is distributed internationally, and resources can be found in churches, libraries, educational institutions, and secular and Christian bookstores.  JP publishes titles on African American issues, Christian living, Christian education, Baptist history and beliefs, church leadership, Bible study, preaching, and discipleship.

JP was founded in 1824 as the Baptist General Tract Society in response to the need for printed Baptist literature.  Under the name of the American Baptist Publication Society, the organization produced tracts, Bibles, Sunday school curriculum series, nonfiction and fiction books and denominational resources. In 1922, the Publication Society registered the trademark Judson Press in honor of Adoniram Judson.

For additional information visit the Judson Press website:  www.judsonpress.com