Lessons from the Story of Ananias and Sapphira

Acts 5: 1-11


Sharing your gifts and supporting a faith community is entirely your choice.


To what faith community have you said “I am a member, I choose to belong” and here is the best that I have to offer?


To what community of believers have you (your church) committed to belong in the name of Jesus Christ?


How do you support your faith community’s efforts in building strong relationships, mutuality, and financial support?


Do you share the gifts given to you freely or do you withhold some of your gifts from the community?


What are the gifts of mutuality and financial support that you (your church) withhold from those with whom you share a common commitment and have you told them why?


How reliable are we (our congregations) to the faith communities with whom we have pledged a commitment of belonging and how do we hold ourselves accountable to them and to Christ?


Your faith community is dependent upon the sharing, service, and support of each member. It is not likely that one will die from the withholding of gifts but the community’s strength is most certainly diminished.

James McJunkin

Executive Minister

March 26, 2019