PBA is currently co-facilitating Learning Communities (LC) with several congregations within our region.  These LC’s provide opportunities for church leaders to work together on ministerial issues related to leadership, diversity, and domestic violence.  Each LC utilizes adaptive learning techniques to design and implement learning opportunities to address these issues.

The LC on leadership is facilitated by Rev. Julia Bruton Sheppard, Program Consultant for Communication and Leader Development.  Pastors from several congregations co-create a sacred space for the purpose of ongoing pastoral leadership development.  Through personal spiritual devotional practices, the LC expects to increase awareness of their personal leadership styles; to learn about other models for church leadership; and for retooling strategies for leadership to advance the ministry of the local church context in the 21st century.

The LC on Diversity is also facilitated by Rev. Julia Bruton Sheppard.  This LC emerged out of a perceived need for lay leaders as well as pastors to better respond to the changing demographic within their congregations and communities.  Through a discernment process of prayer and shared reflections, pastors representing eight PBA congregations seek the Spirit’s leading to help them more fully embrace the diversity among those whom they serve.

The LC on Domestic Violence is facilitated by Rev. Julia Bruton Sheppard.  PBA Adaptive Challenge Team Consultant, has seven pastoral and lay leaders who have a passion for educating congregations about domestic violence and its prevalence in our communities, congregations, and pulpits. Two workshops designed and implemented by this LC resulted in a willingness to further address domestic violence from the pulpit, Sunday school and Bible study.  See the informational brochure here.