An excerpt from the pastoral letter of Rev. Dr. James E. McJunkin, Jr.

Questions based on Luke 18: 1-9

  • Will we ignore the plight and the plea for justice from the most vulnerable in our society or will we help to bind the wounds?
  • In what ways are we able to identify and confront unjust leaders among us who are self-centered and demonstrate a lack compassion and empathy for the people?
  • Why do we respond to people who are aggrieved only after feeling threatened by the free-floating anger unleashed by oppression and hate speech?
  • In what ways are we complicit by allowing brutal policing practices that crush the powerless whose repeated calls for justice are ignored?
  • Will there remain a remnant of the faithful among us who will seek justice for all people, even today?
  • Do we trust that God is at the side of the oppressed?

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